How Should You Design Your Home?

Here are all the results with descriptions

You are a modern woman/man. You don't need extra frills or glam in your home - you prefer things to be functional to suit your basic needs as well as crisp and clean. Try a minimalist home decor scheme!

Country Cottage
You are relaxed, peaceful, and laid back. Your home should be just as peaceful as your personality - simple, inviting, and quaint. Try a country cottage decor!

Shabby Chic
You are very classic, poised, and put together. Your home should be just as put together as you are, filled with furniture pieces from France, pretty patterns, and inviting textures. Try a shabby chic home decor scheme!

You love to travel and go on adventures. Your home should reflect your adventurous, wanderlusting spirit - it should include aspects of cultures from all over the world and be tied together with a story of journey and discovery. Try a nautical home decor scheme!

Modern Color
You are fun and youthful. Your home shouldn't be boring and like everyone else's - it should have splashes of color, accent walls, and interesting statement pieces in it. Try a modern color home decor scheme!