What Type Of Grandma Will You Be?

Here are all the results with descriptions

The Adventurous Grandma
You have an explorer's spirit. You love embarking on grand journeys, seeing new sights, and experiencing amazing things. When you're a grandma, you'll still be just as adventurous. Whether it'll be playing pretend games with your grandchildren or setting up elaborate scavenger hunts, your grandchildren will love the adventures their grandma takes them on!

The Cooking Grandma
You are warm, kind-hearted, and welcoming. You love caring for others and making them feel welcome in your home. Because of this, it always seems as if you're entertaining your children, grandchildren, and their friends. You will be the grandma known for cooking delicious meals and baking amazing goodies!

The Witty Grandma
You are fun, youthful, and carefree. You love joking around, teasing others (all in good fun of course), and being a bit sassy. You will be the witty grandma - the one who always has a smart comeback or funny anecdote in her back pocket!

The Active Grandma
You love being on-the-go and active now, and you will still be active when you're a grandma! Your athleticism won't end as you get older - you'll simply find more creative ways to move your body! Can you say Richard Simmons aerobics videos? You'll be more fit than people half your age!

The Storytelling Grandma
You love being surrounded by family and friends, and you know the importance of these relationships in your life. When you have grandkids, you'll be the storytelling grandma - you'll share your amazing life experiences and enjoy the quality time you'll get to spend with your grandchildren while doing so.