How Naughty Are You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

12% Naughty
You are almost all good, pure intentions! You may have the occasional naughty thought, but that comes in very very rare moments. You practically have to have it pulled out of you. You are 12% naughty!

33% Naughty
Your mind is nowhere near the naughtiest of naughty minds. However, you'll be the first to admit that on rare occasions, a naughty or improper idea crosses your thoughts. You are 33% naughty!

59% Naughty
You may portray yourself as a completely proper and good person most of the time, but you have a naughty streak! How many times have you had to knowingly stop yourself from doing or saying something that you know would get you into trouble? You are 59% naughty!

78% Naughty
You were the rebellious child growing up, and you're still most likely the rebellious adult. You love playing 'harmless' pranks, teasing others (good-naturedly of course), and resigning to the occasional (read: common) naughty thought that crosses your mind. You are 78% naughty!

91% Naughty
You often have naughty, inappropriate, up-to-no-good thoughts cross your mind every day, thoughts that you need to stifle in order to function in today's world. However, you do let yourself enjoy the 'harmless' prank or two every now and then! You are 91% naughty!