Can We Guess What Your Political Party Is?

Here are all the results with descriptions

We believe you are a democrat. Individuals who identify themselves with the democratic party believe in social justice, economic equality, social programs, and liberal beliefs.

We believe you are are republican. Individuals who identify themselves as republican or conservative believe in free market capitalism, free enterprise, strong national defense, and traditional values.

We believe you are independent. Individuals who identify themselves as independents do not affiliate with any particular political party, rather they support whatever candidate may support their views or values in a given year.

We believe you are a moderate. Individuals who identify themselves as politically moderate often see both the republican and democratic parties as too ideological. They are distressed by modern politics and tend to avoid major political decisions.

We believe you are a libertarian. Individuals who identify themselves a libertarians believe in minimized government, individual liberty, and aim to protect individuals from coercion and violence.