Can We Guess Your Monday Morning Thoughts?

Here are all the results with descriptions

This will be a great day!
You are a true optimist, a 'glass half full' type of person. You're almost always cheerful, looking on the bright side of life. Your happy personality and positive vibes are absolutely infectious, and your family and friends often look to you to cheer them up on their cloudiest of days! You see every Monday as a bright, new beginning!

I wish it were the weekend again.
You are laid back, easy-going, and calm. You love the weekends because that's when you're able to just relax and enjoy the small things in life. (They're also when you take your best naps!) So when Monday morning comes, you always find yourself wishing for the weekend again!

What's on my to-do list this week?
You are ambitious and determined to succeed. You have a great work ethic, and you won't stop working until your each your life's goals. You're focused on the prize, and when Monday morning comes around, you're ready to dive back into your work!

I should have lunch with (friend or family's name here) today!
You're a very social, outgoing person. You love being surrounded by family and friends, and you enjoy the company of others. When Monday morning rolls around, the first thing on your mind is which of your family members and/or friends you should visit with this week!