What Is Your Fate?

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To Help Others
Your fate is to help others! When it comes right down to it, you believe that helping others is the greatest thing a person can do in life. Your care and compassion for aiding those with less than you is a true passion.

To Create Art
Your fate is to create art! When you're not creating or using your imagination, you just don't feel whole. Your fate is create lasting and amazing art that creates impact.

To Raise a Family
Your fate is to raise a family! Some people are born with amazing instincts for raising a family. You're one of those people. At the end of the day, you truly believe that there's nothing more important than love and family.

To Run a Business
Your fate is to run a business! You're a natural born leader with a love of working as a member of a team. Your charisma, way with words, and intelligence make you the perfect person to run a business.

To Share Knowledge
Your fate is to share knowledge! You truly love to teach others and share knowledge. Imparting wisdom, helping people to learn something new, and being creative are truly your top passions.