What Kind Of Happy Are You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Peaceful Happy
You are a very calm, cool, and collected person. You're extremely self-reflective and perceptive. You find happiness in knowing that your life and the world around you is as peaceful as you can make it be.

Humorous Happy
You find happiness in humor. You love to laugh with and tease others (good-naturedly of course!) and you're never without a new joke or riddle to tell.

Kind-Hearted Happy
You have a heart of gold. You find happiness in helping others. When others are comfortable and cared for, you are happy as well.

Humbly Happy
You are down-to-earth and humble. You are happy with the simple, little things in life, and you're able to find beauty anywhere.

Youthfully Happy
You have a youthful happiness. You love the prospect of adventure, and you're extremely outgoing and social. Being around others, or getting that adrenaline rush you so crave, makes you happy!