Which Habitat Suits Your Personality Best?

Here are all the results with descriptions

You tend to prefer the cold which is why a colder and dark place would be best suited for you. You love a good challenge and that's one thing a polar tundra can give you!

You tend to be a rather isolated person and you prefer you alone time. While you don't hate people, you find solace in being alone. That's why a dark cave would be perfect to be left alone with your thoughts.

You love the mystery and comfort that a forest can bring. While you'll be at home traveling through the trees, don't get use to it. The weather changes and your forest home will change with seasons which will bring new challenges.

You love the sense of excitement and adventure that mountains can bring. While the high altitude may make breathing a bit difficult, the view of the mountains can't be beat.

There is nothing better to you then spending your days floating with the water. While there may be other creatures out for you in the ocean, the freedom of the water is worth it.