What Motivates You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

You are motivated by love. You're a true romantic, and you value having that special someone that cherishes and loves you as much as you love him and her. Making that special someone proud of you motivates you most.

You are motivated by family. You cherish your relatives and the love you all share. You'd do anything to make sure your family is protected and comfortable, and you're motivated by the desire to provide for them and make them proud.

You are motivated by recognition. You enjoy being in the limelight and being the life of any party, and you absolutely hate when you work hard and no one gives you credit for it! You're an outgoing person, and being the center of attention makes you happy.

You are the type of person that enjoys luxurious, cultured thins - good food, drink, and entertainment. You also very much enjoy traveling, and you want to see the world one day! You are motivated by wealth because that will enable you to have all the things you love.

Knowledge & Wisdom
You are motivated by the mere fact that you love learning. You enjoy knowing about everything and anything. You're the type of person who loves the science channel, nature channel, and whatever interesting documentaries you can get your hands on! The promise of more knowledge and wisdom is what motivates you in the very end.