Are You A Literature Expert?

Do you like to read? Are you a fan of great literature? Test your literature knowledge here with this fun quiz!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Not Very Knowledgeable About Literature
You might not know too much about literature, and that's okay. This just means you have a lot of great reading left to do! Have fun reading the great books in literature, from Shakespeare to Hemingway, Virginia Woolf to Jane Austen--they will truly change your life!

Somewhat Knowledgeable About Literature
You are somewhat knowledgeable about literature. You may have read a few books here and there over the years, but you still have a lot of great reading left to do!

Good Knowledge of Literature
You have a good working knowledge of the world's great books in literature. Good for you! This means you've read a lot of books! The best news is that you're not likely to ever run out of great books to read, and good literature will never be boring.

Great Knowledge of Literature
Congratulations! You have great knowledge of literature. Make sure to share this result with everyone you know to let them know what a whiz you are when it comes to the world's greatest books. And don't ever stop reading; great literature feeds your mind and soul.

Expert Knowledge of Literature
Congratulations! You are a true expert in literature. From Shakespeare to Hemingway, Jane Austen to Milan Kundera, you've read it all. The best part is that this doesn't end here: There are plenty more things to read, and you'll never run out of amazing literature to enjoy in your lifetime.