Are You Empathetic?

Have you ever wondered if you're good at consoling people? Find out now!

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You notice when others are having a hard time, and you might even recognize the emotions they're feeling, but you just don't care. It's not disinterest either. It's a genuine disregard for their emotions and problems. In all fairness, you may also have a difficult time caring about your own emotions and problems. You might be a little jaded, so it takes a lot to get under your skin.

You don't care about other people's feelings and problems. You live your life, worry about your own issues, and leave others to their own woes. You're a firm believer in everyone doing their own thing, worrying about themselves, etc. When other people cry to you, or ask to vent, you feel pretty annoyed. Depending on who it is, you'll carve out the time, but you won't actually care.

You recognize people's emotions and woes, but rather than just relate and offer assistance, you seem to pity them. Don't worry. You still have a heart, and it's never your intention to come off pretentious or like you're doing better in life. You just feel sorry for them for being caught in that kind of situation. When others do it to you, you don't get offended either. You just care!

You are actually empathetic, which means you recognize what other people are feeling, because chances are you've been in their shoes before. When a friend suffers from heartbreak, you know it, because you've been there. You're the friend that shows up with ice cream and lets them vent, because you understand that's just how you cope when a relationship ends.