What Is Your Best Memory So Far?

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Your Wedding Day
Your wedding day is a memory you'll never forget. It was a magical occasion that you wouldn't trade for anything else. You remember everything about it like the nerves you had before you said your vows. It was a perfect time for you.

Buying Your First Home
Buying your first home is a memorable occasions for most people and it's no different for you. You remember how happy you were when you first got those keys and actually had a place you could call your home.

The Birth Of Your Children
There's no better memory than the one of your children being born. While it may have been a painful and stressful situation, as soon as you seen your child's face, it was all worth it to you.

Your First Kiss
Your first kiss was probably quite a long time ago but it was definitely a memory you will remember. You probably were nervous and excited all at once. Whether you're still with that person or not, you still cherish that innocent kiss.

Graduating From School
A memory you keep close to you is when you graduated from school. It was a time in your life when you feel accomplished and successful, it felt like you had the whole world in your hands.