What Percentage Of Hillary Clinton Are You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

99% Hillary Clinton
While it's impossible to be 100% like her, you got as close as possible. You're a natural-born leader a valuable member of your community. You try to use your experiences and knowledge to better the world.

85% Hillary Clinton
You happen to be pretty similar to this strong woman. You know exactly what you want from your life and you'll let everyone know it. You posses a strong leadership quality that many people admire.

68% Hillary Clinton
You happen to be pretty similar to this former First Lady. You've been through a lot in your life but you've never stopped fighting. Because of your struggles, you've learned valuable lessons and experiences.

52% Hillary Clinton
You're not too similar to Hillary Clinton but you don't mind that. You tend to be more reserved, especially in front of crowds. You're not a very blunt person and tend to keep your opinions to yourself.

25% Hillary Clinton
You're not very similar at all to this strong woman but you don't mind. You like to have a individuality to yourself but you're not a big fan of standing out from the crowd. You prefer to stay quiet unless spoken to.