How Much Of An Aristocrat Are You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Major Aristocrat
You are a major aristocrat! Your elegance and nobility are apparent to everyone you meet. Not only do you carry yourself with poise and class, but you ooze charm every time you open your mouth. Whether you've got some royal blood running through you are not, you're a major aristocrat!

Aristocratic Tendencies
You have aristocratic tendencies! While you might not be a full fledged aristocrat, you've got the elegance and grace to carry yourself as if you were. Not only do you know etiquette better than most, but you've finely honed the art of small talk and charming the pants off of others. You prefer the finer things in life, but are always okay when you have to make do.

Somewhat Aristocratic
You are somewhat aristocratic! Like so many of us, you always prefer to eat well, dress well, and live in a beautiful place. Unfortunately, money doesn't always suit our plans. However, being an aristocrat is half about the wealth and half about the way you carry yourself. With poise, charm, and grace; you could fool anyone into thinking you were a full on aristocrat.

Not Aristocratic At All
You are not very aristocratic! You are a free spirt who hates to feel bound by material possessions or public judgement. You live life to the fullest and you don't care if your choices offend or displease anyone. You'd never let someone else's idea of who you are dictate how you lead your life.