Which Crayola Crayon Are You?

Every kid has a favorite crayon. Will your favorite crayon be the perfect match for your personality?

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Macaroni and Cheese
You are warm, laid-back, and comforting to be around. Your friends love your no-fuss approach to life and your non-judgmental devotion to them. You go great with tickle me pink!

Robin's Egg Blue
You are sweet, refreshing, and timeless. People are drawn to your interesting blend of childlike innocence and mature wisdom. You have an affinity for nature, small children, and old people. You go well with antique brass.

Tickle Me Pink
You are carefree and girlish. You have been known to follow your heart on impulsive cavorts to tropical lands--and into countless new relationships. You live life to the fullest but somehow manage to avoid stepping on toes along your way. You go great with macaroni and cheese!

You are flamboyant and unapologetic. People don't always like you, but they never have any doubts about who you are: passionate, energetic, and self-assured. You go well with screamin' green.

You have a piercing intelligence, and you like to spend a lot of time alone with your intellect. You don't need a lot of input from the world around you in order to be able to reach deep, and scarily accurate, conclusions. Sometimes other people find you intimidating. You go well by yourself.

Antique Brass
You are a graceful, sensitive leader with a strong memory. You rarely put yourself forward for positions of authority, but your combination of wisdom and humanitarian interests often see you to the top of a crowd. Secretly, you can't help but be a bit proud of all your accomplishments! You go well with robin's egg blue.