What Is Your Biggest Truth?

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You're A Secret Sleepwalker
You’re biggest truth is that you’re a secret sleepwalker! Not only are you a sleepwalker, but your sleepwalking tends to lead you straight to the refrigerator where you proceed to eat anything in sight. “What happened to all of that cake?” That’s the question your family typically asks in the morning upon noticing all of the sweets have been stolen. Don’t worry, we won’t tell a soul!

You're Afraid Of The Dark
You’re biggest truth is that you’re afraid of the dark! No judgement, the dark is a scary place. Everything looks different when dipped in the inky black of nighttime. Suddenly a dresser is no longer a dresser, but a demon vessel straight from the underworld. Night lights exist for a very good reason!

You're Most Content When With Family
You’re biggest truth is that you feel the most content and happy when hanging out with family. Your heart grows ten sizes bigger every time everyone is together laughing, goofing around, and just having a good time. Moments with your loved ones are when you feel most at peace.

You're High Maintenance
You’re biggest truth is that you have a tendency to be a bit high maintenance! Looking good is very important to you, especially when it comes to leaving the house. You never like to look less than put together. We can’t fault you, looking nice always boosts confidence and feels great!

You Feel Too Much
You’re biggest truth is that sometimes you feel too much! Feeling too much and having empathy is never a bad thing, but sometimes you can feel overwhelmed by how much you feel. You’re a true lover of humanity and the world at large. Because of this you truly just want peace, happiness, and safety for all!