Which Famous Woman Can Be Your Best Friend?

Here are all the results with descriptions

While her life may be unpredictable, you know that it'd be absolutely exciting. You would never be bored if you were by her side. She'd always have your back no matter what.

Britney Spears
While she may be one of the biggest stars, she's still down-to-earth and incredibly fun to be around. She's always up for fun but will also be there for you when times are tough.

Jennifer Aniston
You know that she would always have your back no matter what. She would be a kind and caring friend who would have your best intentions in mind.

Angelina Jolie
While some people may be intimidated by her, you know that she's kind once you get to know her. You know that's she's actually funny and an absolute blast to hang out with.

Mila Kunis
You couldn't ask for a better friend than Mila Kunis. You know that you would be incredibly close with her and that you two would have all the best inside jokes.