How Do You See The World?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Through Rose Colored Glasses
You see the world through rose colored glasses! If there is a silver lining, you will find it. Even in times of stress or duress, you can find the bright side. You never let the world bog you down or make you feel inadequate.

Through A Lens Of Sunshine
You see the world through a lens of sunshine! Because of this, you try to brighten the day of everyone you encounter. You’re always seen with a smile on your face and a compliment at hand.

For Its Strengths And Weaknesses
You see the world for its strengths and its weaknesses. You know that the world isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. People are far from perfect. There’s conflict and war, but there’s also a lot of beauty. You have an amazing perspective on the world!

Through A Lens Of Compassion
You see the world through a lens of compassion! When you hear of negative situations, you always feel empathy for those involved. You have the amazing ability to put yourself in the shoes of others and feel their plight.

Glass Half Empty
You tend to see the world as glass half empty! Instead of focusing on the positive aspects of life, you often focus on the negative. Emphasize what’s going right instead of what’s going wrong and you’ll see your life change in the blink of an eye.