Which Emotion Are You Guided By?

Here are all the results with descriptions

There always seems to be something new to discover in life and you want to figure it out. You love learning new things and you can't stand to be in one place for too long. You like to be on the move and discovering new and exciting things.

You're very sensitive to others emotions and it's a surprise if you can get through the day without at least crying once. You act upon your emotions and use them to guide you through your life. While others may think that sensitivity is a sign of weakness, it just mean you have a caring and open heart.

You know your place in life and you're not afraid to show it. You were born a leader, not a follower and you're ready to lead others. You have rather high self-esteem that makes many envy and admire you. You know what you want from life and you won't stop until you get it.

You have a compassion about you that many can't rival. You always try to help others in need, even if it means you may get hurt in the process. Nothing means more to you than your friends and family and you'll do anything to make sure they're happy and healthy.

You live each day knowing that there is a better tomorrow. You always try to see the good in every situation and that optimism is refreshing. No matter how chaotic the situation may be, you always believe there is good beyond it.