What Is The One State In The US That You Do NOT Want To Live In?

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The one state in the US that you don't want to live in is Mississippi! Hot, sticky, and full of mosquitoes. This state truly rubs you the wrong way. You couldn't handle the weather, culture, or the overall feel of the South. Your quirky and eccentric personality simply wouldn't be a good fit for the deep south.

The one state that you would never want to live in is California! In your opinion, California is a little bit too free thinking and plastic for your nature. You prefer intellect and drive over all else. This relaxed state simply wouldn't be your cup of tea. You would also find yourself deeply missing the seasons that the east coast has to offer!

The one state that you would never live in is Massachusetts! In your opinion, this state needs to take a chill pill and quit the rat race. You're a bit too mellow and freethinking for this intellectual and business driven state!

The state that you would never want to live in is Ohio! You're an adventure seeker who loves to try new things as often as possible. Whether going to a show or trying a unique cuisine, you're only satisfied by diversity and options. You could never make it in Ohio!

The one state that you would never want to live in is Montana! While you can appreciate the wild beauty that Montana has to offer, you would never love the lack of diversity or culture. You're much better suited for an urban environment that can offer you endless possibilities for entertainment!