Which Geometric Shape Fits Your Personality?

Here are all the results with descriptions

You happen to fit the shape with a rather mystical meaning. You were born to do great things in this world and you won't rest until you do. You have a faith and optimism that many can't even rival.

You have a rather simple but traditional outlook on life that makes this shape a good choice for you. You have morals that are unshakable and others know that they can trust you when needed.

Just like the octagon with its many sides, you have many different sides to your personality which makes you rather interesting. You have a complex personality and others have trouble figuring you out sometimes.

You have a uniqueness about you that is represented in this shape. You're quite in touch with yourself and you trust the decisions you make. You have an optimism about you that helps you find the beauty in even the ugliest of situations.

Just like this shape, you like to stand out and let yourself be known. You don't like following tradition and you prefer to pave your own path instead.