What Is Your Cheerful Score?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Super Cheerful
You are over-the-moon excited at any chance you get and it's pretty hard to get you to change your mood, even if something really bad happens. You are an optimist and always look on the bright side of things. You're super cheerful!

Normally Cheerful
You do look at the glass half-full most times and give people the benefit of the doubt. You don't allow people to walk all over you though and are pretty balanced at being both. You are are normally cheerful.

Could Be More Cheerful
You could be a little more optimistic about life. You don't like to smile too much because you think it's cheesy. Smile a little more even when you don't want to and you will start to feel more cheerful and positive.

Not Cheerful At All
You are quite the pessimist. You look at the glass half-empty and really would like to be alone. You don't like people being around you as the smallest thing may tick you off. The only time you are cheerful is...never!

Downright Mean
You walk around with your head down and people know to stay clear from you. You spare the feelings of no one and that includes children. You could really benefit from smiling more! Not only have studies shown for it to be good for your health but studies have also shown that you're more attractive when you smile and appear happy.