Which Word Would Describe How Your Life Was In The 90s?

Here are all the results with descriptions

The word that best sums up the 90s for you is nostalgic. It wasn't that you were nostalgic for the 90s but because of the decades before it.

The 90s were an amazing time for you. You definitely experienced a ton of great things during that decade and you're sad that it's over.

The 90s for you happened to be pretty gloomy. That decade just wasn't for you and you're glad it's over.

You don't like to admit it but you don't remember much about the 90s. Maybe it's because you were just a child or maybe it just wasn't a remarkable decade for you but either way you can't remember it.

The 90s were a wild time for you! You were always out and having fun during the decade. You may not remember too much of it now but you remember loving it.