What Percentage Serious Are You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

100% Serious
You're a totally serious person almost all the time. You rarely crack a joke or smile even in front of loved ones.

85% Serious
You happen to be a pretty serious person almost all the time. You're not a very laid-back person and it takes quite a lot to make you laugh.

70% Serious
You're a pretty serious person most of the time. You can laugh and joke if you're in the right mood but it depends.

50% Serious
It depends on your mood that day if you're going to cracking jokes or totally serious. You don't worry much about life but you can be serious when needed.

15% Serious
You're definitely a laid-back person who's always cracking jokes. It's pretty difficult for you to be serious most of the time but you can be when absolutely necessary.