Which Invention Are You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

The Light Bulb
If you were an invention you would be the lightbulb! Without this invention, we'd all be spending our nights and days in a state of relative darkness. Not only do you light up every room you enter, but your effects are felt long after you've gone.

The Lego
If you were an invention, you would be the Lego! What would childhood be without these colorful building blocks? Pretty dull. You're a playful person with a youthful nature. You love to have a good time, relax, and let life happen.

The Mobile Phone
If you were an invention, you'd be the mobile phone! Few things have connected the world in the same way as the mobile phone. Much like this invention, you're a highly social individual who loves to bring others together.

Washing Machine
If you were an invention, you'd be the washing machine! You're a highly organized person who loves it when things are tidy and clean. Nothing drives you up the wall faster than a big mess!

Air Conditioning
If you were an invention you'd be the air conditioner! Your chill demeanor can instantly cool even the most heated discussions. Not only are you highly relaxed and mellow, but you never let anger get you all fired up.