Which 1960s Album Is Your Personality?

Here are all the results with descriptions

The Beach Boys- Pet Sounds
The 1960s album that best suits your personality is The Beach Boys iconic record Pet Sounds. Much like you, this album is all about the journey of being alive, growing up, and coming into your own. You’ve always felt that life is a journey rather than a destination. This album captures those sentiments perfectly.

Bob Dylan- Highway 61
The 1960s album that suits your personality is Bob Dylan’s iconic record Highway 61! Much like your personality, this record is a bit rebellious, unconventional, and game changing. You’re not one to stick to the status quo or stay inside the lines.

The Beatles- Abbey Road
The 1960s album that suits your personality is Abbey Road by The Beatles! Much like this iconic record, you’re an intelligent and thought provoking individual who always questions authority. You’re an investigative person who doesn’t take everything at face value. You’re highly witty and engaging.

The Zombies- Odyssey And Oracle
The album that suits your personality is Odyssey and Oracle by The Zombies! Much like this album, you’re deep, engaging, and hopeful. Though you have less than stellar moments from time to time, you always keep your head up and strive to be better than you were yesterday.

Johnny Cash- At Folsom Prison
The album that suits your personality is Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison! Much like this iconic album, you don’t live life in a bubble. You’re an inherent risk taker who knows that often the biggest payoffs come from making the greatest leaps. Keep on being your rebellious amazing self!