What Is Your Perfect Weight?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Skinny Minnie
You are way too thin...Eat a damn cheeseburger and then go buy a gym to save some money!

Just Right
Great job! Keep eating healthy with a little indulgence now and then. You seem to be active and happy. Keep it up!

Mighty Fine
You are far from a couch potato, but maybe a few more walks and a salad now and then couldn't hurt. At this weight your are likely very healthy and happy. Good job!

The Gym Is Calling Your Name
Step away from the donuts, turn off the TV and go for a walk. You could be more active and healthy so make a plan. We want you around for many years to come!

Ummmm... Ever Hear Of A Couch Potato?
Try eating more salad and drinking more water. When you walk around the block, think of all the people on their couches you are walking circles around. We still love you!