What Village Fits Your Personality Perfectly?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Alberobello, Italy
If you are looking for a picturesque and simple village to live then, then look no further then Alberobello. This village has all of the stylings of someplace that is lost in time, but it also has modern accommodations. It's perfect for someone who loves the past and the present, like you!

Pariangan, Indonesia
If you are looking for an enchanting village with an Asian flair, look no further than Pariangan, in Indonesia. This place is full of culture, plant life, and beautiful buildings. It is perfect for someone who loves history and art, like you!

Reine, Norway
Looking for something close to nature? Look no further than Reine, in northern Norway. This place is full of nature. This small village is perfect for those would rather spend time hiking than in front of the TV. Oh? Did we mention that it's beautiful, too? It's sure to be perfect for you!

Bibury, England
Looking for somewhere that looks as though it hasn't changed in hundreds of years? Look no further than Bibury, England. This village looks centuries old, and some of the houses here are that old! This place will take you back in time, and anyone who loves solitude or the past, are sure to love it, like you!

Leavenworth, USA
Looking for something completely out of the ordinary? Look no further the Leavenworth, Washington, USA. This small town is like nothing else in the USA. The whole village is based off a traditional Bavarian village. If you love all things creative, then you are sure to love it here!