Why Are You Still Single?

Here are all the results with descriptions

You Play Hard To Get
Based on the results of this quiz, you're still single because you often play hard to get! Sure, playing the hard to get card can be fun, even flirty, but sometimes it's a little off putting to the person chasing you. Open up and let your new relationships unfold the old fashioned way. You may just be surprised!

You're Not Over Your Ex
The reason you're still single is because you're not quite over your ex just yet. While you may think you've moved on and are totally over your former beau, you still spend a lot of time comparing new suitors to your old one. Let the past be the past and look forward to something new. You may find everything you've been looking for!

You're A Drama Junkie
The reason you're still single is because you're a big of a drama junkie! Drama can be fun and even interesting, but not in the context of a relationship. Try to keep the drama to a minimum and just let yourself be at ease. Not everything has to play out like a reality TV show!

You Want True Love
The reason you're still single is because you want true love! You're not alone because you're deeply flawed, you're just picky. You want that true karmic love that's always talked about in the movies. This means you're not willing to settle for someone who is "okay" or "tolerable."

You Fear Rejection
You're still single because you fear rejection. We get it, being vulnerable is difficult. Opening yourself up to the possibility of rejection and hurt is a risky proposition, but if you don't allow yourself the opportunity to explore new relationships, you'll never find the person who is perfect for you.