Which John Hughes Movie Is Your Life Story?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Pretty In Pink
The John Hughes movie that is most like your life story is "Pretty In Pink!" Much like the lead in this film, your teenage years were far from a walk in the park. You often felt like an outsider just trying to fit in. Of course, you soon realized just how overrated fitting in really is! You're you for a reason, embrace what makes you so unique!

The Breakfast Club
The John Hughes movie that is most like your life is "The Breakfast Club!" Not only did you fit into one of the classic high school stereotypes, but you didn't let that stereotype define you. As an open minded person, you are always willing to connect with those form different walks of life. You're intelligent, open, and wise for your age!

Sixteen Candles
The John Hughes movie that your life is most like is "Sixteen Candles!" Did your parents ever forget an important day in your life? Perhaps, a birthday? We thought so! Much like the lead in this film, it often feels like you don't matter as much to others as they do to you. Of course, that's not entirely true. As you've found time and time again, there's so much love in your life. What's important is that you embrace who you are and live with dignity. Go you!

Ferris Bueller's Day Off
The John Hughes movie that is most like your life is "Ferris Bueller's Day Off!" You're a highly eccentric and adventurous soul who isn't afraid to stir up a little trouble in the name of fun. With a clever attitude and intelligence for days, you're always scheming, dreaming, and getting ready to go on your next adventure.

Home Alone
The John Hughes movie that best describes your life is "Home Alone!" As a child with a lot of siblings, you didn't always feel quite as important as you should have. Though your parents loved you and cared for you, there were some moments when you literally felt like you were on your own. Luckily, with a little time, you learned that you're as important as anyone else!