What’s Your Halloween Personality?

Here are all the results with descriptions

The Over The Top Costumer
Your Halloween personality is the over the top costumer! For you, Halloween is about going all out with your costume. You only have one day a year to be whatever you've always wanted to be. You're not about to waste it with some lame store bought costume!

The Creepy Trickster
Your Halloween personality is the creepy trickster! You use Halloween as the prime time to play some tricks on your friends and loved ones. After all, why would you waste an opportunity to thrill and chill those you're closest to? That'd be a waste of a holiday!

The Candy Hoarder
Your Halloween personality is the candy hoarder! It doesn't matter how old you are, you'll always love hoarding Halloween candy to snack on all year long. You're not above using your friends or children as tools to acquire more candy. In fact, you've done so more than once in your life!

The Second Lifer
Your Halloween personality is the second lifer! You use Halloween as an excuse to act out your wildest fantasies and be who you secretly wish to be all year round. Hey, there's no shame in using this holiday as a chance to live out your dreams!

The Secret Judger
Your Halloween personality is the secret judger! Lets face it, you take Halloween pretty seriously. Your costume is always pristine, your treats on point, and your demeanor in character. This means that you cant help but judge anyone who phones it in on this amazing holiday!