What Should Be Your Next Job?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Fire Fighter
You got a Fire fighter! Among the blaze and heat, you strive to help all those in need. No matter how much may happen to you, the safety of others is more important to you.

You got a Baker! Whipping up a multitude of delicious treats, your next job is where you find comfort. You aim to create a variety of recipes that are pleasing to the taste buds.

Marine Biologist
You got a Marine Biologist! Studying the life under the sea is a job you would love to take on. To learn about the way underwater functions and lives is something that would intrigue you.

Racecar Driver
You got a racecar driver! The speed and the adrenaline is something that excites you. You would love to race along the track at high speeds overtaking each and every opponent.

You got an author! Writing stories that swirl around your mind at all hours is something you'd love to do. To pen a great novel that you'd be proud of is something you inspire to do.