Which Painting Are You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Mona Lisa
The painting of the mysterious lady perfectly fits you. You are as mysterious as this painting and just like the slight smirk she gives, your actions also cause others to stop and wonder.

The Scream
You are a mystery to family and friends. With a tendency to frighten easily, this colorful painting fits you well. You might feel stressed easily at life but you seek the best from it.

The Son of Man
You have a unique sense of style that always leave people around you scratching their heads. You seek out the questions of life hoping to find an answer to them.

Starry Night Over The Rhone
You have a laid back personality that seeks the comfort of life. You seek out adventures and wonders, causing a curiosity within you.

You are mellow with a strong sense of loyalty to your friends and family.You have a cheerfulness about you that rubs off on to everyone else.