Which Greek Tragedy Fits Your Life?

The Greek tragedies covered all the aspects of what it is to be human. Which Greek tragedy fits your life?

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Here are all the results with descriptions

'Oedipus Rex' by Sophocles
'Oedipus Rex' is the story of a cursed family that tries, but fails, to escape their fate. If you have a hard time relating to your father but are very close to your mother, you might learn a thing or two from this tragic tale!

'Agamemnon' by Aeschylus
'Agamemnon' is the first of the Oresteia trilogy. It follows the sad tale of the King of Argos, who returns home to find his wife has been unfaithful and she wants to kill him, because he chose to sacrifice their daughter. If you have ever been blamed by your significant other and cannot seem to escape their anger, this tragedy might help you realize that it is a tale as old as time!

'Prometheus Bound' by Aeschylus
When Prometheus is caught by Zeus for giving mankind fire, he is sentenced to an eternity of agonizing punishment. If you ever got in trouble by a parent or a boss and they could never quite forgive you, then you might relate strongly to poor Prometheus.

'Antigone' by Sophocles
'Antigone' is the story of a girl who mourns the death of her brother by the hand of her other brother. Despite a strict order to let her dead sibling rot on the battlefield, Antigone sets out to give him a proper burial. Of course, she is caught and punished--harshly, I might add! If you would do anything for one of your siblings, then this story might have you thinking twice about where to draw the line!

'Medea' by Euripides
When Medea's husband leaves her for another woman, she goes into a deep rage. Although her husband has promised to keep her as a mistress (say what??), she is not consoled. As with all Greek tragedies, she gets her revenge, but at a high cost. If you have ever felt wronged and stopped at nothing to get your revenge, then you might relate strongly to the tale of Medea!

'Ajax' by Sophocles
Feeling overlooked and underappreciated when Achilles's armor is given to Odysseus rather than to him, Ajax sets out to show the Greek leaders what is what. To make matters worse, he gets tricked by Athena, which just makes him feel even more like the world is out to get him. He decides to set things right, but of course, it does not end well for him! If you have ever felt insulted and wanted to get back at those who hurt you, you might read 'Ajax' first. It could help you realize that some things are worth just letting it go!