What Saying Is All About You?

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A Diamond in the Rough
The saying that is all about you is "Diamond in the rough." You are good hearted, warm, and sincere; but, like a lot of of us, you could use a little polish. You are truly a one of a kind diamond!

A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever
The saying that is all about you is, "A thing of beauty is a joy forever." As a thing of beauty, you are truly a joy and pleasure to be around. People feel lucky when they are in your presence.

Alive and Kicking
The phrase that is all about you is "Alive and kicking." You are a spit-fire with a zest for life. Nothing will ever slow you down. As along as you're here, you're going to make the best of everything life has to offer.

All Fingers and Thumbs
The phrase that is about you is "All fingers and thumbs." Some may call you a klutz or a butter fingers, but we know you're just a little clumsy. Your clumsiness is cute and adds to your overall charm. There's no shame in dropping things every now and again.

All Singing, All Dancing
The phrase that best describes you is "All singing, all dancing." You have a true verve and lust for life. You are full of vitality and effervescence.