What Precious Stone Are You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Emeralds are found in brilliant shades of green and you are just as beautiful. Emeralds are a very brittle stone, however they have a small protective barrier of oil. Emeralds are known for being a stone of harmony and life. You are an emerald because you have a soft and easily broken nature that you hide behind a tough exterior. You are the person who holds things together when everyone thinks it's hopeless and drama is unfolding. You are the peace keeper of everyone around you.

You are a ruby. Rubies are usually very small compared to other stones because outside forces break them apart. You may take others words and actions too closely to heart and it can damage you severely. Rubies are known as a stone of passion. You have a clear vision of who you are and what you want as well as what you believe in. You will stand by your own opinions, even if it means losing valuable pieces of your life.

Sapphires are the second toughest gemstone, only being beaten by diamond. The most precious sapphires are the ones that have inclusions, or patterns that are visible to the naked eye. Sapphires are the stone of loyalty and trust. You are a sapphire because you are one tough cookie who can handle a lot. You don't crack under pressure and it takes a lot to get on your bad side. Your emotions may be very clear to everyone around you, even if you try to hide it. You are a very loyal and trustworthy person, so a lot of people may come to you for advice or with sensitive information.

Diamonds are the toughest mineral in the world and since you are one, you can probably handle a lot of pressure yourself. If you break, it's for a darn good reason! Diamonds represent luxury and love. You may be quite high maintenance and it can be hard for some people to keep up with your lifestyle, but your commitment to the ones you love leaves them breathless.

Amethysts, while not technically considered precious anymore, used to be one of the most valuable precious gemstones around. Amethysts have a wide variety of colors which makes you a very fun person to be around. You can be off the wall hyper and goofy as well as very serious and knowledgeable all within the same hour. Amethysts are the stone of protection. You value your loved ones greatly and would probably even take a bullet for them.