Which Famous Man Should Ask You Out For Coffee?

Here are all the results with descriptions

George Clooney
You got Georse Clooney! This handsome silver fox will take one glance at you and know right away to ask you to coffee before he regrets it.

Channing Tatum
You got Channing Tatum! This handsome star can't help but fall for you as he sees you which of course leads to a coffee date!

Denzel Washington
You got Denzel Washington! With your charming self, as soon as Denzel spots you, he can't help but invite you to his favorite coffee shop.

Liam Neeson
You got Liam Neeson! This tough actor will take one look at you and would love to get to know you better over coffee.

Tom Hanks
You got Tom Hanks! This loving and comical celebrity would definitely like to get to know you over a cup of coffee.