How Narcissistic Are You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

A Little Self Absorbed
You're pretty decent and it seems you don't walk the earth thinking you're the best thing to ever exist. You may have a few areas here and there to work on but that's pretty normal. Take time to invest in the problems of others.

Extreme Narcissist
You are a very self absorbed individual. You seem to lack the basic empathy and compassion for others and instead focus on yourself. You want to be the center of everything and that's not the healthiest.

Pretty Normal
It's expected that people can somebody be a bit selfish and tend to indulge in themselves. While you may have those moments, you're otherwise a honest and dependable person.

Not A Trace
There is not a trace of narcissism to be found in you. You have helped out at every chance because you see the world and understand that everyone needs a little help now and then.