What Kind of Philosopher Are You?

Want to delve into the inner machinations of your mind? Take our quiz to find your personal philosophical style!

Here are all the results with descriptions

Thomas Paine
An anarchist who championed reason and free thought, Thomas Paine was never afraid to speak his mind no matter how unpopular or revolutionary his theories were. Like Paine, you see life as full of possibilities and love to shake up the status quo by thinking outside the box. You are spontaneous and communicate confidently and fluidly. Could you write a post to inspire world-transforming events like Paine's pamphlet 'Common Sense' influenced the start of the American Revolution? Who knows? (But we think it might be worth a try.)

Noam Chomsky
Known as the 'father of modern linguistics,' Noam Chomsky is also known as an analytical philosopher and as a founder of the field of cognitive science. He's also an outspoken libertarian, anarchist, and anti-war radical. Although the causes for which you speak out may be different from Chomsky, like him, you are an activist who refuses to blindly follow the rules or accept things at face value. You are naturally curious, and your questioning mind won't stop until it finds logical solutions to the problems you see around you.

Simone de Beauvoir
Existential theorist, anthropologist, and feminist activist Simone de Beauvoir refused to accept the traditional role of a woman. She challenged the status-quo for female sexuality decades before women's lib and the sexual revolution and influenced how society views the role of women. Although you may or may not agree with de Beauvoir's radical lifestyle, like her, you are conscientious and committed to your beliefs and decisive about taking action towards your goals. You are a people person who enjoys working out what makes your friends tick, and you are often able to offer insightful advice based on your observations.

Rene Descartes
French philosopher Descartes is considered to have founded the school of modern Western philosophy. A rational moralist who viewed ethics as a science, he is most famous for his statement, 'I think therefore I am.' Like Descartes, you are quiet and contained, preferring to be alone conducting research or formulating theories than out partying. Your analytical mind loves to reason out explanations for unsolved mysteries and scientific enigmas, and your solutions are often unique and creative.

Although he is famous for his wise sayings, Confucius was far from radical in his philosophy. As an ethical moralist, he believed in keeping to the established order for social relationships and saw the family unit as the basis for ideal government. Like Confucious, you believe strongly in traditional family values, social grouping, and personal and governmental integrity. You are honest and upfront, and your friends know that you can be relied upon for help and advice.

Greek philosopher Aristotle is famous for formulating the theories that form the basis of modern philosophical thought. Like Aristotle, you have an inquisitive and active mind and enjoy a wide range of interests. You can be extremely practical and logical, but also love to consider more existential lines of thought, such as 'What is a friend?' or 'How does my mind work?' Creative and inspirational, your original ideas often influence others, and you enjoy teaching others and are happy to step into the role of leader.