What Would Be Your 1950’s Job?

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You love to create a safe and beautiful haven for your family. You have no problem with allowing your husband to be the one who brought home the bacon and then fried it up for breakfast in the morning. You would've been able to keep a spotless house and raised brilliant children all while sneaking in a few quiet moments for yourself. Your 1950's job would've been a housewife.

You have skills that would've been indispensable in the corporate world. You would do more than just fetch your boss coffee and schedule his appointments. He wouldn't know what he would do without you. Sure he might pass off your brilliant ideas as his own, but eventually higher ups would recognize your value and kick him to the curb. Your 1950's job would have been a secretary.

Movie Starlet
You are too glamorous and beautiful to be stuck behind a typewriter. The 1950's were the Golden Age of Hollywood and you would have easily risen to the top. Men would have fallen for you, women would have envied you and emulated your style. Your 1950's job would have been a movie starlet.

You have a knack for medicine and a desire to help others feel better. Nowadays you could easily run your own practice, but a few decades ago you would most likely have had to settle for being the doctor's assistant. Your patients would admire you and entrust you to help them feel better. Your 1950's job would have been a nurse.

You are brilliant and innovative. Today you could easily be the CEO of your own start up, but just a few decades ago you would have been satisfied with training the future leaders of America instead. You would be firm yet kind, and children to learn to read, write, and think for themselves. Your 1950's job would have been a teacher.