Which Month Should You Get Married In?

Are you planning your big day? If so, when is the best time for you? Find out which month you should get married in!

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You are a regal sort of person that loves being the center of attention. You should celebrate your wedding in December and use a Christmas or holiday theme to marry the person of your dreams. Imagine the silver and gold decorations, crimson red flowers, and beautiful green pine trees of a December wedding--simply gorgeous!

You should get married in February. You are a serious, hardworking person that concentrates a lot on career and money-making endeavors. Despite your focus, however, you do have a soft spot in your heart for the one you love. Getting married around Valentine's Day makes sense, because aside from the romance the month brings, it would be impossible to forget your anniversary later on down the road!

You should get married in July! July inspires fun, laughter, beautiful gardens, and outdoor parties that last long into the hot summer night. You love big social events and lots of wine and dancing, perfect for a July wedding.

You should get married in October. You're sophisticated and witty, with a very intellectual personality. A beautiful October day in autumn would be the perfect time for you to get married, as the crisp, cool air of fall goes perfectly with your nature.

You should get married in May! You are smart, sensible, and a bit of a Goody Two-Shoes. You are an emotional person at times and can get quite dramatic on occasion, but you mean well and are extremely down-to-earth. You would love the beauty of getting married in the spring, amidst all the budding flowers and warm springtime sun at midday.

When leaves fall to the ground, love rises in the air... At least, that's what they say about September! September is a beautiful month for weddings, not too hot, not too cold--not too busy with other holidays, festivals, etc. September would be a fantastic month for a wedding day, don't you think?