What is Your Psychological Age?

Here are all the results with descriptions

You're 30, and flirty, and thriving. You are at that perfect mental age when you have just gone through the painful self-discovery of your 20's and are just realizing who you are. You are young and beautiful yet just grown up. Your psychological age is 30.

You are a quarter of a century young. You have graduated from college and are just starting your career and dating real men. You are young and beautiful at heart. Your psychological age is 25.

You're barely legal. You have officially entered into adulthood, at least the age where you can drink without a fake ID. You are beginning to discover who you are and are optimistic about your future. Your psychological age is 21.

You are still fresh and young, just barely a teen with your whole life ahead of you. You still believe in fairy tales and castles and a prince charming that will sweep you off of your feet. Adulthood is overrated anyway. Your psychological age is 14.

Congratulations! You are an adult. You are just now discovering the freedom that comes from being able to make your own decisions, but there is still some time left to make a few mistakes. You are fresh, young and hip. Your psychological age is 18.