What is Your 1960’s Job?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Air Hostess
You would have had the opportunity to live a jet setter lifestyle while you served coffee and meals a mile high in the sky. This is back when air travel was glamorous and the uniforms were chic. You would have a plethora of stamps in your passport and a gentleman waiting for you in every city from Paris to Sao Paolo. In the 1960's, you would have been an Air Hostess.

Your vocal chords and talented singing would have made you quite popular back in the heyday of popular music. You would have donned the perfect sequin-dress and beehive hairdo before climbing on stage and inspiring crowds, and you would have looked and sounded fabulous doing it. In the 1960's, you would have been a singer.

The rise of the popularity of the beehive would have been your bread and butter. This complicated up-do might take an entire morning and bottle of hairspray to complete, but your clients would have been stunning when you were finished. In the 1960's, you would have been a hair stylist.

Women's Rights Activist
You would have worked right alongside with Betty Friedan after being inspired by "The Feminine Mystique". Your goal would be to pass the Equal Rights Amendment and seek equality for women. You would encourage and inspire others to break free of their stereotypes and chains of societal norms. In the 1960's you would be an Advocate for Women's Rights.

Stay at Home Mom
Yes you would have lived during a time when many of your peers were pushing for the Equal Rights Amendment, but unlike them you would have felt fulfilled in your role as a stay at home mom. You would wear pearls while you swept and mixed your kids up a fresh glass of Ovaltine for snack time. In the 1960's, you would have been a stay-at-home mom.