Who Should Be Your Patron Saint?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Saint Michael
The saint for you is the one who is the protector of people. He is known for being the head of God's army and giving solace to those needing safety. He makes sure to watch over heaven and makes sure it's protected.

Saint Juliana Of Nicomedia
She is the patron of the sick and she will be the one to watch over you. She watches over those who are ill and makes sure they become well again.

Saint Raphael
The saint watching over you is otherwise known as the saint of travel. If you're someone who loves to explore and experience new adventures, then this saint is perfect for you.

Saint Francis of Assisi
The saint that's be perfect for you is the patron of animals. If you're a lover of animals, this would be perfect for you. You can make sure they are protected and well cared for.

Saint Valentine
The perfect saint for you is the one who's the patron of lovers! You probably love someone deeply and unconditionally which is why this saint would be perfect for you.