Where Will Be The Next Three Places You’ll Live?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Dallas, Phoenix And New Orleans
You're a sucker for a place that has warm weather and friendly people. You like cities that are more exotic and that also have the feeling of comfort about them. You're a risk-taker and you want the places you live in to have a little adventure.

Boulder, Savannah, Carmel-by-the-Sea
You want to live in cities that can showcase a ton of beautiful scenery and that's why you'd love to live in these cities in Colorado, Georgia and California. You find nothing better than being able to look out your window and enjoy the view around you.

Keywest, Breckenridge, Napa
You love a city that can give you beautiful scenery but also adventure. You want a place where you'll never feel bored and you know that you can find excitement around every corner. You also want a place that you know you can relax in tranquility at the end of the day.

Seattle, New York, San Francisco
The cities you want to live in are well known and bustling cities. You don't want a city you can relax in but rather a city with tons of activities and adventures. You want to be surrounded by people and enjoy the city life.

Mooresville, Sitka, Galena
You don't want to live in a big city surrounded by people so these small cities in Alabama, Alaska and Illinois are the perfect places for you. You want a place where you can keep to yourself and not be bothered by hundreds of thousands of people.