What Will You Think In Five Years?

Here are all the results with descriptions

I Have To Pick Up My Daughter Soon
You'll probably be having a busy day like usual when you suddenly remember you have to pick up your daughter from school! Hopefully you won't be too far because you'll only have 5 minutes!

I Wonder If I'll Win The Lottery Today
In five years, you'll be taking your chances with the lottery. Just like everyone else, you'll be hoping that you win the money. Fingers crossed!

Will It Rain Today?
You probably worry about the weather quite often so it's no surprise that this is what you'll be thinking in five years time. It's not the most exciting but it's pretty common!

Do I Have The Rings?
In about five years time, you'll be in charge of the rings for your wedding! Whether you're renewing your vows or getting happily married, it's sure to be a nervous but exciting day.

Do I Have My Passport?
You'll be traveling in about five years time! Will you be going to an exciting and exotic country? Who knows! All you know is that you're worried if you've lost your passport or not.