How Do You Impact The World?

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Being The Savior
You care deeply about the world around you and you're always trying your best to make sure you help in some way. When you truly believe in something, you'll work endlessly toward your goal until you accomplish it.

Being An Inspiration
You know that through your work, you can create things that will inspire the world around you. You want to show others that they can help out and actually make a change in the world.

Being The Sociallite
You have a lot of connections and you know how to use them to help the world around you. You know that with your connections, you have access to resources you wouldn't dream possible that can help others.

Being The Peacemaker
You believe that we can create a better world as long as we love each other. You know that violence isn't the answer and you try to keep a mind of peace. You try to be the peacekeeper in most situations and find happiness.

Being The Activist
You know that you won't make a change in the world unless you're hands on. You're willing to work hard in order to bring about a change no matter how small it is.