How Much Risk Can You Handle In Your Life?

Here are all the results with descriptions

90% Risk
You're not afraid to take a risk in life! You know that you won't get anywhere in life if you always stay in your comfort zone so you're always looking for new adventures. You love the thrill that comes with taking a risk.

75% Risk
You like taking risks for the most part. You face your problems head on and you're not afraid to try things differently. You don't usually listen what others tell you because you prefer to forge your own path.

55% Risk
It usually depends on the situation if you'll take a risk or not. You think sensibly before risking it all but that's not to say you won't do it sometimes. You just usually considered the consequences beforehand.

45% Risk
You're not a big fan of taking risks in life. You prefer comfort and following what you're told is right. You will take a risk every once in awhile but it's a pretty rare event.

25% Risk
You're not a fan of taking risks at all because you prefer comfort and security. You know what you want in life and you have no reason to risk anything.