What Percentage Hipster Are You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

98% Hipster
When someone thinks of a hipster, they can't help but picture you. You fit every stereotype that defines a hipster whether you believe it or not.

85% Hipster
You seem to know about all the cool things before anyone else does and you usually let people know so. You happen to be quite a bit of a hipster and your wardrobe definitely shows it.

64% Hipster
You almost hit the halfway mark between hipster and non-hipster. You know all about the cool things before the happen but you usually don't shove it in others face.

43% Hipster
You're not really that much of a hipster. You don't usually know about cool things until they actually happen and you barely fit into any hipster stereotype.

15% Hipster
You're the furthest thing from a hipster that anyone could be be. You fit none of the stereotypes and you happen to be quite proud of that fact.