How Much Maine Are You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

100% Maine
Based on your quiz results, you are 100% Maine! You love the great outdoors, exploring nature, and getting back to basics. You don’t require much in the way of technology or stimulation and you’ve always been your own best company!

75% Maine
Based on your quiz results, you are 75% Maine! While you might not be Maine through and through, you share several qualities of this great state. You’re warm, comforting, and pleasing to the eye. You’ve got a great love of nature and an effervescence that draws others to you.

50% Maine
Based on the results of this quiz, you are 50% Maine! While you truly love and appreciate nature and all of it’s incredible offerings, you also enjoy the modern amenities of the great indoors. While you might love a more natural way of life, you also love technology and how simple it has made complex daily tasks.

30% Maine
Based on your quiz results, you are 30% Maine! While you may love being outdoors during certain times of the year, you’re mostly an indoor type of gal. You’d much rather spend the day shopping or hitting the spa than hiking trails.

10% Maine
Based on your quiz results, you are 10% Maine! Unfortunately you and Maine are just not one in the same. While you can appreciate natural beauty just as well as the next girl, you thrive in urban environments with modern conveniences such as public transportation, high end supermarkets, and super fast wi-fi. You’re just not very Maine at all!